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Inner Peace

To me inner peace is the whole point of going on vision quests by getting your life into alignment.

After spending so much time being in and observing nature I keep coming back to the point that everything has a natural rhythm. For example, the sun has the natural rhythm of rising and setting. The seasons have the natural rhythm of summer to autumn to winter to spring. The tides have the natural rhythm of rising and falling.

Even animals have natural rhythms. Ants are most active in the middle of the day. Birds make the most noise just before the sun rises. Kangaroos rest most of the day and are more active at night. All following their natural rhythm.

Inner Peace - trees hugging in their natural rhythm

And from what I've seen when people take the time to be with nature their own natural rhythm arises. They naturally eat when they are hungry rather than following the traditional three meals a day. They naturally drink when they are thirsty rather than the recommended 8 glasses per day. And they naturally do what it is they are meant to do.

To me allowing yourself the time to be and gain insights into your true nature allows for inner peace. There is nothing more peaceful to be doing exactly what you were put on this planet to do.

For example facilitating these nature based spirituality programs are exactly what I am put on the planet to do. This website has taken me hundreds of hours to develop however the time has literally flown by and it's been nothing to work 18 hour days getting it ready. In fact it's been a joy!

That's why I feel that inner peace can only come about when you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. And from what I've found the most effective way to do that is to set an intention around an area of life that's not working for you and go on a nature immersion around it.

Inner Peace - nature immersion beside water

The reason for this is that it gives your rational mind a break and you are able to get messages directly from nature and spirit by tapping into their wisdom. Then it is just a matter of re-integrating these insights into your life to get your life into alignment.

It is this alignment that allows for the inner peace to be present. When in alignment it doesn't feel like there is any dis-ease within your system. It's not like you are 'trying' to get iner peace but it just rises naturally from within.

So if you are interested in participating in a vision quest, developing a level of inner peace by integrating the insights you receive or would like to know more about the process please be in touch.

Inner Peace


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