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Intuition is most easily accessed alone in nature without the distractions of daily life. It is possible to access your intuition in daily life, but it is much easier when immersed in nature.

Beyond the rational world in which we normally live there is another world. In this world synchronicities abound. We are in direct communication with spirit. There is a deeper knowing. We have an understanding of all things beyond which we normally know.

In this world there is a subtle force that gently guides all things. Much like a spider web that is gently guiding you towards what spirit wants you to experience. For we are but spirit experiencing itself.

Intuition - allow the subtle force to guide your direction

To me, this guiding force is often called intuition. It is a subtle inner feeling that is gently guiding you. It guides you towards where you are meant to be. It guides you away from where you are not meant to be. If you listen to your intuition then you will get to experience being in the 'right place at the right time'.

There are a number of steps to get you out of your normal way of being in the world and to tap into your intuition. The first step is to get out of your mind.

If you listen to the voice within your head you will notice that it is continually on. It is continually judging and assessing the situation you are in. This voice is always telling you about 'what is going on' in the present. The voice also tells you a lot about what happened in the past, as well as what may happen in the future.

The first way to turn this voice within your head off is to listen to it. Just close your eyes and listen to the voice within your head. It may be saying 'What little voice? I don't have a little voice."Well, that is the little voice.

Just listen and notice it's tempo, how quick it talks, it's tone and it's volume. Get to know this little voice within your head. 

Once you know how it is, then start to treat it like a little child. A little child that is trying to get your attention. Then just say to it 'Thank you for sharing.'

You'll probably notice there is a little pause in the noise when you say 'Thank you for sharing.' The noice may start up again, but instead of getting locked into it just practice saying 'Thank you for sharing' again and notice the presence of 'no-mind' within your head.

As you focus your attention on this no-mind you'll notice you will be free of this constant chatter for longer and longer periods of time. It's OK to have not much going through your head as it allows the space for you to access your intuition.

In this space of no-mind or 'innocense', you can then start to be aware of your body. Scan through your body and notice where there is any tension. This tension also blocks you from accessing your intuition.

Where you notice tension within your body, just let it go on one of your out breaths. Letting go of tension is much like letting go of a stone and allowing it to drop to the ground. Simply let go of the tension within your body as well as your mind and allow it to drop to the ground. This allows your entire body to be in a state of relaxation.

When you are in the state of no-mind and relaxation you are now in the right space to access your intuition. The reason for this is that constant mental chatter and tension blocks the subtle guidance of your intuition.

Simply tune into your body and see where the 'pull' is. Personally I experience this pull from my heart center. Much like a little spider web gently pulling me in a direction from my heart center.

When in nature just allow this gentle pull to pull you in a direction. Go with it. You don't need to 'know' where it is you are being pulled.

You will be guided by the force that is directing all things. This force is usually called our intuition. It's the force that makes you think of someone just before they call your phone. It's the force that stops you from getting on a bus that you later find out was involved in an accident. It's the force that guides you to go on a travel adventure where you meet your life partner. Synchroniticies abound when you go with the gentle force that constantly directs your life.

Intuition is also behind the subtle messages that naturally come to you. Often you may have a dream and wake up with the inspiration to do what you are called to do. The reason for this in dreams is that we are connected directly to spirit. This connection feels like the direct connection to our intuition.

Whilst in the dream state our brain waves slow down into the 'delta' frequency. This allows us direct communication with spirit. During a nature immersion I often feel this sense of connection and communication after a day or two of being within nature. In this state your imagination becomes loud and you naturally start to interpret the symbols  and messages nature gives you and add meaning to the images that come to you. You are in full alignment with spirit and your intuition.

As you wander through nature you are naturally guided by your intuition. You sit under a tree that calls to you. A rare bird comes and sits on a branch in front of you. Immediately the message the bird is giving you becomes clear. You are in direct communication with the force that moves all things whilst tapped into your intuition, alone immersed in nature.



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