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One With Nature

Becoming one with nature during a nature immersion is one of the most powerful experiences a lot of participants report at the end of their solo time in nature.

What usually happens when spending an extended period of time in nature is that the 'noise' within your mind starts to quieten. Rather than thinking of endless 'things to do' your attention instead starts to shift to what is going on around you.

For example, when you wake up on a nature immersion instead of rushing off to have breakfast, getting ready and thinking about all of the things you have to do for that day instead you may just stare out to the horizon and be with the sunrise.

A lot of people report that they start staring off into the distance looking at the subtle shapes in the mountains. Or feeling the tiny detail within moss. Or simply getting in tune with the subtle rhythms of nature...

One With Nature - becoming one with the softness of sun-drenched moss

For some participants they report that it feels like the separation between them and nature simply dissolves. This is what it means to be at one with nature.

The first time I had this experience was when I was in my early twenties. I was out camping and hadn't seen anyone for about 2 weeks and was walking along a beach. I bent down to pick up some sand and looked at all the individual grains of sand on the end of my finger. Some were orange. Others black. Some white. Others yellow.

But then I looked up and saw a lizard sunning itself underneath a tree. All of a sudden it felt like I had become the lizard and I could feel what it was like to have my metabolism get quicker with the heat of the sun.

Yet at the same time there was an eagle soaring above and I could feel what it was like to feel the wind pass beneath my wings.

And at the same time I noticed a fish in the waves and I could feel what it was like to have water pass through my gills and be pushed around with the energy of the water. It was like I was everything all at the same time.

To me, this is the experience of being at one with nature. 

The first couple of times it happens may feel a bit strange however I remember telling one of my friends about it and just how natural it felt not to be separated from nature.

This state of consciousness is known as 'non-ordinary reality' and it is part dream-like and part imagination. However without the distractions of 'ordinary' life and the time and space to be it isn't that uncommon to spontaneously drop into being at one with nature...

Become One With Nature - no separation between self and a dragonfly

It is this 'space' where most of my biggest insights have come from whilst out on a vision quest. The reason for that is that my conscious mind is out of the way and it feels like I am getting direct messages from nature and spirit. This is part of the transition phase of the vision quest process because you are gaining insights around the intention you set.

Being at one with nature is a most magical and almost enlightened space to be. It feels like you are 'in tune' with everything that is going on around you moment by moment. I've spoken with some Tibetan monks about it at a monastery I stayed at in Austria and they described the state of enlightenment to being quite similar.

However, I find spending time alone for 3-4 days in nature without distractions allows the space for being at one with nature to occur. Then almost spontaneously it is relatively easy to drop into it without trying. Magic happens.

Whilst there it is most easy to enjoy the space. However the point of this is to then integrate the insights you receive into your daily life when you are ready to enter the third re-integration phase.

One With Nature


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